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Alan McLeod Post War

Alan McLeod received the Victoria Cross on 4 September 1918 with his father at his side. Weak from his injuries, McLeod returned to Manitoba at the end of September to much attention. Many people turned up at the CPR station to greet him, and a number of speeches were given by local dignitaries. McLeod returned to his hometown of Stonewall that night.

In his weakened state, McLeod was susceptible to illness, and was stricken with Spanish influenza shortly after returning home. After some time in the local hospital, he was transferred to Winnipeg General Hospital. He died on 6 November 1918 at the age of 19, five days before the armistice that ended the First World War.

Alan McLeod was inducted into the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame in 1973. The Air Force Annex building at the Canadian Forces Base Borden Museum was dedicated to the memory of Lieutenant Alan McLeod in a ceremony in conjunction with the Royal Canadian Air Force's 80th anniversary in April 2004. 1 Canadian Air Division Headquarters Museum has a display dedicated to Lieutenant Alan McLeod and a conference room named in his honour.

Dr. David Christie, of Westminster Church in Winnipeg wrote this eulogy in the Manitoba Free Press;

"Alan McLeod was the finest flower of chivalry. The old days of knighthood are over, but for the very fairest blossoms of the spirit of knighthood the world has had to wait till the twentieth century. It is these dauntless boys who have saved civilization. The heroism of the Crusades pales before the incredible and quiet courage of such boys who gave us a new interpretation of Calvary. I saw Alan within a few hours of his death. He faced the last enemy with the same joyous confidence with which he started on what he called the very happiest part of his life. For our children's children names like Alan McLeod's will be written in letters of splendour in the annals of Canada."

Alan McCleod in uniform re-creation of McLeod's dog tags Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8