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Intro Script

A close-up of a newspaper headline reads "TALE OF COURAGE: Mynarski Crew Reunited." Another headline flashes, reading "He Could Have Saved Himself." A close-up of a hand-written journal shows the words "PFF Mission, Bombing Mission, Air Firing, Bombing Mission, Dortmund. "The word "Dortmund" is in red ink - the others are in black ink. Old photographs, a prayer book and a leather aviator goggles are shown; the title reads SOME LIVED, then changes to MANY DIED. We see a shadow of a paintbrush working nearby.

A close-up of the artist's inkwell and brush are seen with the title BUT THEIR STORIES. The artist adds detail to some hair on the drawing of a man. The title continues WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN.

There is a newspaper clipping showing a photograph of Andrew Mynarski and his Victoria Cross. The headline reads FLAMING AERIAL DRAMA ENDS IN DEATH OF HERO. Above the medal it reads FOR VALOUR. A close-up of an Air Force patch that reads AG RCAF is seen; the title reads STORIES OF BRAVERY. A painting of Andrew Mynarski is shown; the title reads AND VALOUR.

A paintbrush is shown dabbing and whisking red paint on an easel; the title reads IN THE FACE OF THE ENEMY. Red paint is being applied to a canvas of red, yellow and black paint. The hand-written names of the Air Force Victoria Cross recipients scrolls up across the screen; the title reads WITNESS THEIR INCREDIBLE TALES. The artist continues to add detail to the painting as the names continue to scroll across the screen; the title reads RETOLD FOR A NEW GENERATION.

Stills of the animated videos of the heroes fly through the screen, ending with an animated Lancaster Bomber, propellers spinning. The screen fades to a close-up of the Victoria Cross, which then dissolves to the newspaper image of the medal in the Andrew Mynarski clipping. The title of the picture, in newsprint above the medal, reads FOR VALOUR: CANADIAN AIRMEN AND THE VICTORIA CROSS.