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William George Barker VC

Name: William George "Will/Slippery Bill" Barker
Born: November 3, 1894
Died: March 12, 1930
Hometown: Dauphin, Manitoba
Rank: Lieutenant-Colonel
Served: 1914-1918, 1920-1924
Service Number: 106074
Force: Air Force
Unit: Royal Air Force
Division: Various Squadrons
Awards: Victoria Cross (VC), Distinguished Service Order (DSO) and Bar, Military Cross (MC) and two Bars, Silver Medal of Valour (Italy), Croix de Guerre (France)

Lieutenant-Colonel William Barker is the most decorated member of Canada's military. With fifty victories to his name, Barker and his Sopwith Camel became aerial legends of the war. He survived many battles where he was seriously outnumbered, and flew in a variety of missions doing a number of tasks - dropping covert agents behind enemy lines, taking reconnaissance photos and engaging the enemy in aerial dogfights. Barker and the men he flew with played key roles in halting enemy advances in Italy.

William Barker in uniform re-creation of Barker's dog tags Barker with a Sopwith Camel